Monday, May 27, 2013

Ever since I was a small child I've had an interest in reading, writing, comprehension... but NEVER math. UGH. I was that small girl who had lived out far too much for her age and everyone attributed my behaviors as an "old soul." Bottom line is I have always had an "Interesting, nontraditional lifestyle..." I guess that's how the sheltered say they feel sorry for my childhood... or lack thereof. I'm frequently told I should write a book.  However, I am interested in reading your honest reactions to some of these situations I've been through. 

Lets start with my dad. The man you're supposed to look up to, the one that is supposed to show their daughter how the love of their life should treat them. Most importantly, the one man who is supposed to be there to threaten any man who hurts his angel. Looking back, I never had this... and maybe that's why I have had my share of bad relationships; Not that everyone hasn't.

My life has been molded in a way that most haven't. As a child I was placed in a women's center and relocated. I'm here to tell the story of women's shelters and the brave women who have been blessed enough to move forward with their lives. I encourage other survivors to comment and share your stories as well.

To be honest, the vast majority of people have the WRONG perception of these "Safe Houses." For lack of better words they're like a counselors office meets bed and breakfast. These safe houses can be anywhere, and that's the beauty of it, YOU'LL NEVER KNOW if the house down the road is helping rebuild women's lives.

Problem is... These institutions are few and far between. Not only in the region that I lived when placed in one, but all over the country. See... my dad was a pastor... preacher...deacon; he was head of church in this little town. 2,000 people in the county. My family built the church, and despite being called Church of Christ there was something terribly unholy about it.

In order to speak to anyone in the clergy, you had to be a male... or speak through a male figure in your family for any sort of guidance. Of course, the only logical thing to do with clergymen's children and wives were to completely cut them out of religion. We basically had to figure it out for ourselves. Survival of the fittest huh? lol

My dad did a LOT of things that were frowned upon by all of the faiths I've grown up to know; Based off of my feelings of simply not belonging in the church I grew up in. After relocation I began to search myself to know ME better.Unfortunately, this type of SOUL Searching is something most often done by high school gradutes (nearly 1st year college kids) only problem is I was 8 and doing this. I looked into the things I liked as far as religion, style, literature etc.

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