Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting there:

Based off of his "double life." I'm fairly certain most of you have gathered that my father had one since both my mother and I ended up in a safe house. From the outside looking in, My dad was certifiably nuts. A bigomist lifestyle he led (completly unknown to my mother) and once divorced from his first wife he cheated on my mom every chance he got. I wonder how many siblings I have that I don't know about lol. Anyway, due to my father's cheating, he and my mother attended marriage counseling; upon seeing the controlling behaviors of my father, the counselor told my mother that I HAD to be out of the house by the end of the month and if she chose, my mother could accompany me, but me leaving was guaranteed.

I remember packing, looking back it seems funny. My mom was running around the house frantically and damned if she gave him expensive items. She kept walking around and remembering things that costed a lot for the time and kept saying "hey, yeah, I paid for that too." We had something crazy like five or six backpacks and a duffelbag of things to start our life over. I remember the policeman telling us that it would not fit and my determined and italian mother said "we will make it fit, we will hold it on our laps." We must've been in those police cars for at least three and a half hours. It was dark outside and the policeman who picked us up from our house... I knew him. I knew I could trust him, Until he pulled over alongside of the road and said "This is as far as I go," which terrified me. This must've happened with about four cop cars before we reached our destination.

Before you ask like I've been many times. NO, even if you placed me in the city I could NOT find my way back to it.

Let me know what sort of details you guys would like to know about and I'll be sure to include them. I'll try to be as honest as possible.

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